Weatlh and Resources in Poland

Poland is a country in Central Europe

Poland is known as the 69th largest country in the World and 9th Largest in Europe. But despite the numerous of people and large of space their politics is under in the framework of Democracy. this means it leads by a President where people has a power to choose who they want. but what makes them different with the other Their prime minister is the Head of the government, and the President is thehead of State. Currently the President of the Poland is Andrzej Duda and he is only the 6th President of the Poland Since the Independence day declare in November 1918. Poland constitution also known as the Constitution of the Republic of Poland it was adopted on 2 April 1997. As the same with the other country Poland are focusing on the human rights, which stated that the Republic of Poland shall be the common good of all its citizens. which is very good constitution to avoid discrimination. there's a lot of Article that under in the constitution of Poland also what makes Poland a very nice Government Politics is that the financing of political parties shall be open to public inspection. There are 243 article in the constitution of the republic of Poland and all of this is connecting in the rights of every individuals who are living in this country. And this is one Of the reason's why Poland is in the top 25 Overall good country in the world.