Weatlh and Resources in Poland

Languages of Poland

The main language spoken in Poland is Polish. The number of individual languages listed for Poland is 21. All are living languages. Of these, 7 are indigenous and 14 are non-indigenous. Furthermore, 4 are institutional, 10 are developing, 3 are vigorous, and 4 are dying.Herefs the list of their languages:Armenian; Belarusian; Czech; Esperanto; German, Standard; Kashubian; Lithuanian; Polish; Polish Sign Language ; Prussian; Romani, Baltic; Romani, Carpathian; Romani, Sinte; Romani, Vlax; Russian; Rusyn; Silesian; Silesian, Lower; Ukrainian; Wymysorys and Yiddish, Eastern. German, Standard and Lithuanian this are their provincial languages. While Esperanto has wider communication. The Armenian; Belarusian; Czech; Romani, Sinte; Ukrainian and Russian are dispersed or distribute as one of the Recognized language. The developing languages are: Polish Sign Language; Romani, Baltic; Romani, Carpathianand Romani, Vlax. The Vigorous language was Rusyn; Silesian; and Silesian, Lower. This languages was also one of the Recognized language. Sadly the dying language was Kashubian and Yiddish, Eastern. The nearly extinct is Wymysorys and lastly the getting slow down or also know as dormant language the Prussian.